Whatsapp free download

Whatsapp free download


Whatsapp is the world’s most loved, most used and most popular mobile messaging app. Whatsapp has received this cult status in the messaging apps world because it is simple, elegant and free. Whatsapp is now available for almost all mobile operating systems and models.

Features of Whatsapp :

  1. Free chats with all your contacts who have Whatsapp on their phones
  2. Cross platform. Works seamlessly on WIndows, Android, Blackberry and iOS
  3. Send images, music, videos etc to all your friends
  4. Group chat features
  5. No Logging in and out. Just open the app and start using it
  6. Send messages even when your friend is offline. He will receive them when he gets online
  7. No PINs and passwords. Your mobile number is your identity.

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You can have Whatsapp on your

  1. Android phone
  2. Windows Phone
  3. iOS phone
  4. BlackBerry

And now with some emulators, you can use Whatsapp on your laptop as well.

Here we are going to provide you free download links of Whatsapp for different OS and phones.

Whatsapp free download for Android

Whatsapp for Samsung | Whatsapp for Sony | Whatsapp for Micromax | Whatsapp for HTC | Whatsapp for Xiaomi | Whatsapp for LG

Download Whatsapp for Android Phones here :  Download

Whatsapp free download for iOS

Whatsapp for iPhone 6 | Whatsapp for iPhone 5 | Whatsapp for 5S

Download Whatsapp for iPhones here : Download

Whatsapp free download for BlackBerry

Whatsapp for Blackberry 9780 | Whatsapp for BlackBerry 9300 | Whatsapp for BlackBerry Curve

Download Whatsapp for Blackberry Phones here : Download

Whatsapp free download for Windows phones

Whatsapp for Lumia 510 | Whatsapp for Lumia 520 | Whatsapp for Lumia 720

Download Whatsapp for Windows Phones here : Download

So above were the download links for various Mobile brands and Operating Systems. Let us know which is your favourite messaging app. Is it Whatsapp or is it some other ?

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