WhatsApp for Lenovo Laptops

Hi there! Today’s post will guide you through a simple tutorial on how to install the infamous WhastApp messenger onto your Lenovo laptop.

Lenovo is a global leader in laptops and computer products. The company is very well-reputed and offers a series of laptops, ultrabooks, netbooks, tablets and desktop PCs, among various other related products. The company has a large market share of users spread out all across the world. Lenovo is known to provide products of very high quality.

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Considering so many people searching around for ways to install the messenger app, we decided to put together a simple tutorial that will enable users to use WhatsApp messenger from their Lenovo products in no time.

The following tutorial will install WhatsApp into laptops, into notebooks, into computers and into PC, provided that the device is running on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems. The tutorial works for all Lenovo products without any reported problems.

Steps to Download WhatsApp for Lenovo

WhatsApp messenger can be used from a Lenovo laptop with the help of some Android emulator software. We recommend that you use the Bluestacks Android emulator for this purpose. Bluestacks is great software that has been well received all over the world.

  1. Go to the website bluestacks.com
  2. Download the Bluestacks Android emulator software. The file size of the emulator is quite big (103 Mb) so you will need proper internet to get the download completed soon.
  3. Once the Bluestacks software has downloaded onto your Lenovo laptop, you need to install it. Installing is quite simple and requires double clicking on the setup file to start the install process. It takes only some clicks and a few user permissions for the installation to complete.
  4. Once the installation of the Bluestacks software is done, run it.
  5. Login to the Google Play store with your Google ID.
  6. Search for the WhatsApp messenger on the Google Play store.
  7. Download and install the app onto your Lenovo laptop.
  8. Complete the setup of WhatsApp by verifying your phone number.
  9. Use WhatsApp messenger from your Lenovo laptop.

This procedure is very easy and will take less than 10 minutes on a good internet connection. The process works fine across all Lenovo laptops and has been tried and tested by users all over the world.

While this is a relatively simple process, there may be some instances in which a user may face some difficulty in using WhatsApp from a laptop. If you face any issues with either the Bluestacks software or in using WhatsApp messenger from your Lenovo laptop, do let us know. We will be more than happy to offer you our best assistance.

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