Of all the applications that we get to use for most of our communication purposes, Whatsapp definitely stands out. One of the amazing features of this application being that is easily available to anyone around the world when they want it. Therefore, one can chat with anyone regardless of the distance. In today’s post we will teach you how to install Whatsapp in your Dell laptop.

Features of Whatsapp

Whatsapp Messenger allows you to send information to any platform you may choose without using SMS messages. This saves the amount of money that you would normally use on communicating as one will only incur charges on internet bundles used. Installing the application on your PC will also save on the mobile phone data.

Your social circle will increase by using Whatsapp. One can join as many groups as they want and can also create groups. You will therefore have no reason to loose contact with some of your relatives as you can be members of the same group. This has also made planning for events easier because you do not have to send the same message to many people.

Whatsapp is good for promotion of business as there is the broadcast tool. This tool enables one to broadcast adverts that he or she may have so as to improve their business. Anyone can use this tool to broadcast small to large broadcasts to the contact list they have. Moreover, you can get back responses on what anyone in your contact list would like to purchase items that you are selling thus your customers increase.

Whatsapp is free. Therefore, there is no reason why you should have a problem getting it on your PC. Communication will be made easy for you when you have it on your PC.

Installing Whatsapp on your PC


For the best results, one should follow the instructions keenly.\

The first step of installing Whatsapp on your PC is downloading a good Android App simulator such as Bluestacks.

This emulator is available on the following page

Once the emulator is downloaded, follow the installation process that will be displayed on the PC’s screen.

Once the emulator is installed, you can access Whatsapp Messenger in Bluestacks by searching “whatsapp” on the search tool.

A message will be displayed on the screen to enable the Store to link to your Google account and Bluestacks once you click on the Auto Sync message.

Once you have found the original version of Whatsapp, click it to download.

Follow the process to fully install the application on the PC where you will have to fill in various details such as your name and phone number so as to fully activate the service on your PC. This process may take some time which will depend on the internet speed you are using.

Once you have confirmed the phone number given, the application will open showing a one year free licence agreement which you should agree to so that the application is fully activated.

You can finally enjoy the application and link your friends and family as you enjoy every conversion that will come along.

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