Download Total Conquest for PC

Download Total Conquest for PC

Download Total Conquest for PC_2

Travel back in time and be the conqueror of the whole Roman Empire with Total Conquest from Gameloft. You’ll never let go of your PC or laptop with this role-playing strategy game that takes you on an adventure of building your own city and army from scratch! In Total Conquest, you will need to think steps ahead of your enemy by strengthening your own base, combining forces with other players, and overcoming tons of legion wars to make sure that you reign supreme over the whole kingdom of Rome. Are you up for the challenge?

Features of Total Conquest

Total Conquest allows you to build and equip different infrastructures such as towers, garrisoned units, walls, and gates to help your city-state grow while defending it from enemies. You can also summon mythical creatures from Roman mythology like gods, centaurs and ogres to join your cause and ensure victory. Hire up to 10 different units (with each member having specific roles) and rigorously train them as they become a part of your formidable force.

Take on the Solo Campaign mode and test your abilities in singlehandedly overcoming enemies. Enter Conquest Mode and embark on an exciting journey wherein you can engage in battles with different players across the globe.

Climb your way to the top by joining legion wars and claiming your enemies’ territories. Use your online connections to strategize your battles by inviting friends in Facebook, Google+, or through the new Recruit Mode to join you in battles.

You can also check if you are a step closer to total domination through the in-game leaderboard or through Google+.


How to Play Total Conquest on your PC

Download Total Conquest for PC_1

Total conquest is a massive multi-player online role-playing game that ensures hours of endless fun and excitement as you try to take over the whole Roman Empire. By default, this game is designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, the fun does not end there.

If you are a PC user, no need to worry about not being able to join in the fun of Total Conquest. You can easily play this game on your computer and that is with the help of various emulators that you can find online. An emulator is a program that can copy content that is previously exclusive to a certain device.

You can download emulators like Bluestacks by clicking on the link here. Here’s a step-by-step process on using the emulator:

1. Open the file that you downloaded and follow the installation instructions.
2. After installing, an “App Player” notification will appear. Use your Google Play credentials to log in.
3. Once done, type in “Total Conquest” in the Bluestacks’ search bar to look for the game.
4. After searching, you can easily click on “Install” to download the game and get started.

Alternatively, if the steps above do not work, try to look for the Total Conquest .apk file on Google. Download the file and use Bluestacks to open it and load the game.

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