Download THRONE RUSH to your PC

Do you like to build your own kingdom and engage in battle fights with other players? Do you dream of being a Vikings warrior or a king trying to expand his/her own kingdom? If you like the idea of playing like a king and building castles and defending one’s territory, Throne Rush is a perfect game for you.

Created by NEXTERS Limited, this strategy game offers very good visuals and fun levels to satisfy gamers who like the idea of building kingdoms and doing battles with other players. With the Throne Rush game, players can basically build their own castle and a whole kingdom from scratch and recruit warriors for defense and battle with other players. With more gems, buildings, and troops, players can expand their kingdoms to become bigger and more powerful.

Features of THRONE RUSH


1. To build a kingdom, players will need different kinds of troops and warriors. Each troop type have designated skills and functions that will become useful when building a kingdom from scratch. Some troop types are best recruited when trying to create buildings like castles and military establishments. Other troops like warriors are recruited when attacking other kingdoms or when engaging in battle.

2. Buildings are also important features of Throne Rush because they are necessary for the various needs of a given kingdom. The castle is considered the main building of any player and this will serve as the main building. Other buildings like barns and treasuries will be used to create food and the all-important gold. Military buildings meanwhile are for warrior creation and recruitments. Troop upgrades are also done in military buildings.

3. Defense systems in the forms of walls and towers are also needed to protect the kingdom created by players. The higher the walls, the better are the chances in surviving attacks from other players.

4. Gems and gold represent the achievement points for battles won or tasks completed. More of these items will be needed when creating buildings and upgrading troops.

How to play THRONE RUSH on your PC

Players must have the PC version of the Throne Rush game in order to start battling it out with other players and create kingdoms and warriors. If this is not available, Android fans need not worry because they simply need to install BlueStacks, an Android emulator, to enjoy Throne Rush in their PCs and laptops.

The following are the easy steps to play Throne Rush on your PC.

1. Install BlueStacks on your PC by visiting their site. Users will be guided with simple steps in installing this software to their computers.

2. After BlueStacks installation, players will then see a familiar interface similar to the Google Play Store that they see on their mobile devices. All you have to do is to login with your Google Play Store credentials and search for the Throne Rush app.

3. Google Play Store will then display the app for Throne Rush with the INSTALL button. You simply need to click install and allow a few minutes for the process to finish. After successful installation, players may now start to build their kingdoms and enjoy Throne Rush.

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