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Subway surfer for PC

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Subway surfer is an endless running video game developed by Kiloo and SYBO games and industries. In this game, player takes the role of a young hooligan who, upon being caught in act of applying tagging a railway site and guards gets behind him in order to catch him and player has to escape the guard and his dog while running down on the tracks. As this is endless running game you have to run as much as you can in order to score more and get more coins to set high score and buy upgrades by those coins.


Features of Subway Surfers

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Game play: This game follows a simple pattern; player of the game is a young hooligan who upon being caught in act of applying graffiti, runs down on railway tracks to escape from the inspector and his dog.

Coins: The main objective of the game is to collect coins as many as you can, longer you run the more rewards you will collect.

Obstacles: like trains and other must be avoided by well timed rolls, jumps and quick sideway moves. The game is over when the character is apprehended or is crashes directly into various obstacles.

Characters: Jake is the default character having the face of the franchise. There are other characters but they can be unlocked by gaining attributes and coins. Plus there are special characters that are available to the player for a specific time.

Daily Challenges and Power ups: This game is interesting because it has daily challenges which are to be accomplished by the player .for instance you have to collect 100 coins to finish a mission. There are power ups that makes the game more interesting such as, super sneakers and jet packs, these are the elements or boosts which makes the game more interesting.

Subway Surfers is a very addictive game because of its extremely well established updates and other features. The missions are varied enough to give you a reason to return for interesting level. The music throughout the game is fun and the characters are also charming. If you hadn’t played the game download it now and enjoy it.

Playing Subway Surfers on your PC: Before being able to start the Subway Surfers on your personal computer or laptop, one must be able to download and install it. To start things off, you may need to do the following:

Download the installer for Blue Stacks which is an Android emulator. Through this software, players will be able to enjoy Subway Surfers on their PCs and laptops. Once Blue Stacks is downloaded, users simply have it installed the on-screen instructions. This part of the process is necessary because Blue Stacks basically creates a compatibility link between mobile apps and games to the PC and laptop environment.

Using the Blue Stacks app interface, users are directed to input their usernames and passwords under the Google play store. Upon login, searching for the Subway Surfers is the next step.

Installation of Subway Surfers should then be done and this will take a few minutes to complete. A player can play this game after completion of installation.

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