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If you want to play games that involve puzzles, some strategy and lots of fun, then Sprinkle Islands from Mediocre may be the game for you. A sequel to the hit and fun game called “Sprinkle” which was released in 2011, this latest version of the game will certainly keep gaming fans glued to their PCs and laptops for some more water-sprinkling and fire-extinguishing action. In Sprinkle Islands, the islands of Titan are back in flames and through Ouie’s heroic adventures with his fire-truck, water-sprinkling is brought to a more enjoyable level.



Ouie’s infamous fire truck is now able to move around across different puzzles and more difficult obstacles. Playing the game now requires more strategy in terms of handling the different barriers and obstacles presented at different levels in the island and ocean setup.

Game-play involves four new breath-taking islands with fun graphics that make the 48 play levels more fun and entertaining. Each of the islands also features a more complex scenario that includes a variety of floating objects and oceans that extend to eternity.

Players will also have better control of the fire truck’s water cannon with simple buttons to press. The update on this feature simply results to better game-play and more fun.
Each level of the game ends with an engaging battle with an aquatic boss which is not part of the original Sprinkles game.


Sprinkle islands game for pc is one of many popular apps and games in the mobile gaming industry that is a follow-up to an original game. In the case of Sprinkle Islands, its original game is called Sprinkles and featured basic water-sprinkling fun and adventure for players. With this latest version, players are treated with more enhanced functionality for the fire truck and more complicated puzzles and obstacles for the multi-island environment.

1. Sprinkle Islands is a popular game that is originally designed for mobile gadgets and devices. Users of PCs and laptops need not worry though because of there are plenty of Android emulators available out there which basically allows apps and games to be enjoyed on standard PCs and laptops. One such emulator is called BlueStacks which you should download and install first before getting the game. Click this link to download the BlueStacks Android emulator.

2. It will only take only a few minutes for the BlueStacks software to download on your computer. Once downloaded, you simply follow the instructions on the screen to install it to your PC or laptop.

3. After completing the BlueStacks installation, you will then get to see the App Player user interface which will require you to login your Google Play Store credentials just like doing it in your Android-powered mobile phone or gadget.

4. Once logged-in to Google Play, search for the Sprinkle Islands game by typing in the title on the Search field. Google Play will then display the app that is ready for installation.

5. Click INSTALL and allow a few minutes to complete the process and you may start to play the game on your PC or laptop.

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