Download RAIL RUSH game to your PC

Rail Rush is a running type of game from Miniclip that involves getting on a mining adventure. If you’re the type who likes to play running and riding games, Rail Rush may be a good choice for you. The whole mining adventure starts with the player riding on a railcar with the objective of jumping from one track to another while getting items like nuggets and gems to progress in the game and get the highest possible score.

Basic play involves switching tracks from left to right and jumping or ducking as one goes through the different obstacles in a tunnel or mine environment.

Features of RAIL RUSH


Rail Tracks. The main point of the game is to run or ride endlessly on the rail cars by means of switching from one track to another. Nuggets and gems may be collected as players ride the railcar to get points and buy items to improve one’s chances of getting to the next level.

Nuggets and Gems. The nuggets are to be collected while riding the railcar by reaching for them to the left and right of the mining track. Special gems are also feature along the way and they are 10 times more valuable than precious nuggets.

Surprise eggs. Aside from nuggets and gems, some special eggs may also be collected while jumping between tracks. The eggs may be cracked open at the end of a stage and may reveal surprises like bonus points or coins.
Play missions. As with many other running type of games, Rail Rush includes missions to be accomplished by players to improve their points and score collection. Missions that are completed may convert into more points or may take the player to the next stage or level.

Shop items. Players may also purchase various items to gain improvements in the game like spikes to get through track barriers and rams that are able to break objects while in the track.

Playing RAIL RUSH on your PC

Before being able to start the mining adventure of Rail Rush on your personal computer or laptop, one must be able to download and install it. To start things off, you may need to do the following:

Download the Installer for BlueStacks which is an Android emulator. Through this software, players will be able to enjoy Rail Rush on their own PCs and laptops. Once BlueStacks is downloaded, users simply have it installed by following the on-screen instructions. This part of the process is necessary because BlueStacks basically creates a compatibility link between mobile apps and games to the PC and laptop environment.

Using the BlueStacks app interface, users are directed to input their usernames and passwords under the Google Play Store. Upon login, searching for the Rail rush game to your PC is the next step.

Installation of Rail Rush should then be done and this will take a few minutes to complete. Upon completion of the installation process, players can now start the mining adventure of Rail Rush.

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