Download PET RESCUE SAGA game for PC

Pet Rescue Saga is a fun puzzle game for those who like simple games but still very entertaining. Created by, this game is about rescuing pets from the unwanted animal catchers. Using blocks that fill the screen, players will simply match 2 or more blocks with the same color in order to remove them and allow the pets to find their way to the bottom and get safe from the animal catchers.

Difficulty will be increased as players progress to different levels. Coins will be earned in each stage and there are stages that feature power-ups for easy removal of blocks and there are also stages that limit the number of moves.

Features of PET RESCUE SAGA:


Players are only given 5 lives when playing Pet Rescue Saga. One life will be deducted for every failure to complete a puzzle or stage. Once a player loses all 5 lives, he/she will then have to wait around 30 minutes to play the game again from the start.

Coins will be earned for each successful completion of the Pet Rescue Saga puzzle. These coins may be used to purchase several power-ups that can help players progress to the next level more easily.
Goals are also set for the different stages of this game. Some stages require a certain number of coins to be earned in order to proceed to the next one. Other stages meanwhile require players to reach a specific score before completing the puzzle.

Maps for different levels of play are also a big part of the game. Through the map, players have the option to choose an open level for playing. Depending on the coins earned and the players score, some levels in the map may be restricted for access.

Playing PET RESCUE SAGA on your PC

Different levels of Pet Rescue Saga feature new obstacles and require fresh strategies from players. The overall goal is to rescue the pets and get them at the bottom with valid moves and some occasional help from power-ups. This game is enjoyed by many on their mobile phones but can also be enjoyed at the convenience of people’s basic computers and laptops. The following are the steps:

1. Go to and proceed with downloading and installing this Android environment emulator. Through BlueStacks, players can enjoy various Android games on their Windows PC. Players just simply click the Download and Install button in the BlueStacks website to complete this process. On-screen instructions will be given and are pretty basic so players need not worry on this department.

2. Run the BlueStacks software and key in user credentials for Google Play Store. Most people will be familiar with the user interface in this part of the process because it is similar to the Android environment in mobile devices.

3. After logging in to the Google Play Store, search for the Pet Rescue Saga game or app. This game will then be displayed on the screen with the corresponding INSTALL button.

4. Click the INSTALL button of Pet Rescue Saga and let the computer do the rest of the process. The PC will then prompt that the installation of the game is complete and the game can now be played.

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