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My Talking Tom

Download My Talking Tom for PC

Do you remember when Tamagotchi was a hit? The pocket pets arrived from Japan (where else!) and quickly infected both children and adults. How desperately we were trying to keep them alive while feeding them in secret during class or sneaked to the toilet from a business meeting! Monochrome fantasy pets dominated our life and we felt grief and despair when our beloved Tamagotchi died after a couple of resurrection. It took several years when the Tamagotchi fever dropped and we stopped to think about it or even miss it. But it is already on the corner again.

Meet Talking Tom, the young little kitten who is going to move in with you via phone – don’t be afraid, he won’t make a mess, in spite of real cats he behaves. Your job is to support him, give him a shelter and let him be a grown up cat. Since it is your pet, you might give him a name and involve him in your everyday life. Just as a normal pet or Tamagotchi, Talking Tom will need food, sleep and care, just like a loving and patient owner who raises him and teaches him.

Unlike to any other cat, he won’t run away if you want to dress him and grooming won’t mean a pain in the ass either: decide about the color of fur and accessory for his little home and let yourself be inspired by other Talking Tom owners’ creative decorations. To integrate your kitten in the life and make sure he gets everything he needs play with him regularly and watch how you to get along. Your pet won’t hide his emotions, you can clearly see how he feels and how his facial expression changes once he gets angry, bored or just hungry. Be ready to react to these mood swings quick and don’t let your pet feel alone. Know when he needs to be petted or wants to play and want you to tickle him. He also listens to everything you say and repeats it.

Try the mini games included in the app and collect gold coins or take photos and videos of your new little furry friend – don’t forget to share it so other owners can have a look at your progress. The opportunity is always there to make friends with other users and visit each other and check out the cats. You can compare your progress with the pet and exchange experience – watch out because during your visits you may find treasure chests and earn coins with it.
Your goal is to go through all the 9 growth periods successfully with your Tom including 999 levels – during your adventure you will be able to unlock tools and objects which is always rewarded with coins.

How to Play My Talking Tom for PC

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This app is not available for PC – thank goddess the internet is full of Android emulators. Open your browser and search for Genymotion, an extra fast Android emulator and is free of charge. Download it, follow the installation instructions then search “Google Play store for Genymotion” on the web. Pick “How do you install google frameworks (Plays, accounts, etc.)” from Jul. 24, 2013 – here you will find instructions which you may want to follow, the most important is that you download ARM Translation installer v1.1 and Google Apps for Android with the current version of your Android device. Now go back to Genymotion, open it and set your device and Android version and create your virtual device. It takes 1 or 2 minutes until it’s completely done and before you can just launch your fake Android device on the PC. Enjoy!

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