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Download Line for PC

Keep in touch with your friends and beloved ones around the clock: text them or share important captured moments with them straight from your phone or your desktop computer, this is up to personal preference. With Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G internet connection you enjoy the clearest sound quality even during video calls. And within the LINE network it is free and will always remain like this.

As a messenger it merges all the important features which are a must have for a successful telecommunication app: for your text message there are many funny emojis and stickers available to spice up the chats – exactly 10.000 different stickers and emoticons are waiting in the Sticker-Shop to help us to customize our messages into the smallest details.

To keep your friends on track messaging is not the only way to contact them: like on Facebook you have a timeline which is very similar to Facebook’s one. Share texts, videos, pictures or stickers to inform everybody where you are and what are you doing at the very moment.

Bored to death that quickly captured videos by the phone look lame and less impressive? With Snap Movie now everything changes: record high quality videos in 10 seconds and choose a cool background music for it – ready to post on your timeline!

To sum it up, LINE is going to make it difficult for the competition to catch up with as it belongs also to the top rated phone messenger apps and is the most downloaded one in over 50 countries all over the world – no wonder since the app can be downloaded to all the phones with the leading OS’ like iOS, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry. 5.5 million Satisfied customer just through google play who gave the app 4.2 stars out of 5. Due to regular updates software developers take care of quick problem solutions and debugging.

The most important news about LINE is that they created an officially available version for PC which doesn’t require the closeness of our phone with LINE installed on it – free of choice if a user signs up with a phone number or Facebook account. Very practical that all the messages exchanged through LINE will be synchronized between the clients (PC and phone app). You never have to worry that you miss something since you can always access the whole conversation history regardless of the used gadget.


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Go to the page – on the site you click on “Alternative Line download”, it takes a couple of seconds and then you launch the installation. Choose your language, agree terms and conditions and the hardest part of the work has been already done.

In order to use LINE on a tablet or PC you register with your Facebook account. Just click on “new users” then “Login with FB”. Another “terms and conditions” will be waiting for your agreement. Finally tap “register”. If you wish you can allow LINE to add all your FB friends, who also registered with their FB account, to your contact list. Now have fun with your awesome new messenger!

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