Download KIK messenger For PC

The KIK messenger is an instant messaging application through which you can send or receive messages more quickly then any other application. If you are looking for the instant messaging app then KIK messenger is the best app for that purpose. KIK uses WIFI to transmit and receive messages.

KIK also allows users to share sketches, photos, web pages and other contents. Through KIK messenger you can send free video, audio, pictures and texts and many more to your relatives, family and friends. With this app you can receive or send anything free of cost al around the world.

Features of KIK messenger

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Invite: You can invite anyone from all around the world and chat. They can either be your friends or family or an unknown person.

Group chat: Sometimes people feel very irritating and get bored for sending single messages to different person in different time, people feel it time consuming. But with KIK messenger you can send message to multiple users by using a single click. You just need to create a group of that people.i.e. Which should receive your text?

Free of cost: The most important and best feature of KIK messenger is that it is absolutely free of cost and you can share and send your pictures, videos and texts for free.

Set your status: With the help of KIK messenger you can set your status like, you are bored, feeling happy, in relation, break-up or engaged etc

Social Integration: You can also connect directly to other popular social platforms like Instagram, Social Cam and Viddy to easily share your photos and videos.

Notifications: In order to inform you whether your message was sent or delivered you will receive a notification and you also when you will receive a message you will be notified by KIK messenger.

Online Friends: One of the best feature is that you can see if your friend is online or not. Not only this, you can see the last visited time when your friend was online.


How to Install KIK messenger on pc:

Download KIK messenger For PC

Before being able to start the KIK messenger on your personal computer or laptop, one must be able to download and install it. To start things off, you may need to do the following:

Download Android emulator the installer for Blue Stacks. Through this software, players will be able to enjoy KIK messenger on their PCs and laptops. Once Blue Stacks is downloaded, users simply have it installed the on-screen instructions. This part of the process is necessary because Blue Stacks basically creates a compatibility link between mobile apps and games to the PC and laptop environment.

Using the Blue Stacks app interface, users are directed to input their usernames and passwords under the Google play store. Upon login, searching for the KIK messenger is the next step.

Installation of KIK messenger should then be done and this will take a few minutes to complete. Upon completion of the installation process, users can now start using KIK messenger on PC.

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