Download Instagram for PC


Download Instagram for PC

This is probably not the site which requires a long and detailed introduction, everybody heard about this photo and video sharing and social networking service. It was launched in October 2010 and its popularity keeps increasing. A picture says more than thousand words – also opens the door of fame and recognition for many people. Let’s just think of Jen Shelter who launched her fitness career practically via her photos on Instagram.

Like other networking services in general, it also integrates with the most popular ones like Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook – this last one bought Instagram in 2012 for a record price 1 billion dollars. During the years the number of fans increased to 300 million who keep uploading around 20 million photos per day and counting. Especially since the smart phone app was released.

In case you are still not a member of the big Instagram family, you can download the app like 123movies app for downloading movies to any Android or iOS device and sign in with an e-mail address or a Facebook account. Look around if you see your friends here whom you could follow – don’t worry if you can’t find any of them, Instagram will keep offering you plenty of users to follow.


As mentioned above, the main task of Instagram is to make us users able to share photos and videos with everyone. Likes, comments and followers give the core and influence a single user’s popularity in the Instagram society. It makes everyday people famous and famous people even more famous – and it brings the celebrities closer to us since they don’t stop to upload their photos day and night. It has a remarkable influence on our social life, even more remarkable than we would think.

But what is Instagram’s secret recipe? That it brings out the photo artist from everyone and allows the users to modify their pictures until it reminds them of a perfect shot of a magazine cover. We can pick from multiple effects and add a customized filter to our pictures. The icing on the cake is definitely geotagging which makes possible to recall the exact coordinates of a location where we took that One and Perfect Shot so we can return over and over again and keep pretending we are supermodels in front of our phone’s objective.

Instagram for PC

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Many peoples dream came through with the application and now here it is another step towards the Instagram heaven. With a simple little hack we can save the application on our PC to keep it in readiness. It might seem a little bit complicated but following these steps it will turn out easy as a piece of cake.

As there is no native PC platform available for Instagram we are going to use Pixsta, an Android emulator. You can download it directly from Once downloaded, launch the EXE file and install the emulator, it may take couple of minutes. During the installation it will ask you if you want to receive notifications if someone likes or comments on your pictures.

With Pixsta it is unfortunately not possible to take photos with the PC or laptop cam, edit them and share them in social network – but despite of this little inconvenience it provides and supports all the diversity and features of the app itself.

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