Download Galaxy Legend for PC

Galaxy Legend for PC

Download Galaxy Legend for PC

Galaxy Legend for PC is a strategy game. It is about taking leadership and being strategic with each subsequent decision. With each new level, the player is able to access new special forms of attack. As the leader, you will be responsible for conducting new wars with fresh enemies.

Each subsequent enemy in the new levels comes equipped with better weapons, thus the importance of unlocking the special attacks. The special attacks are very useful in fighting more than one enemy at a time, which would then make it easier to power the ships up much faster. Fighting the enemies requires the ability to organize your fleet in the right formation.

Features of Galaxy Legend for PC

1. Collecting rewards by watching the screen to see whether the upper right icon shall turn orange is one way of collecting the appropriate rewards that accompany such a change. Collect each reward quickly to ensure that newer rewards appear.

2. Healing the fleet after each subsequent battle is one of the excellent ways with which to prepare for the upcoming battles. Each battle has a negative impact on the fleet/army. The fleet requires rest after each taxing battle.

Remember that if the fleet is in good health, the benefits shall transmit over to their attack and armor. Heal the fleet by using the Construction Facility.

3. Go to the conservatory and attempt as many Elite Challenges as possible. If you can beat each challenge, you shall soon be the recipient of fresh blueprints. With the fresh blueprints, you shall be able to any of the armors or weapons that your fleet uses.

4. Playing the Galaxy Legend successfully requires a proper understanding of the importance of evolving the ship. Evolving the ship requires that you earn plans. You can earn the plans by taking part in special battles found in the Conservatory.

5. Upgrading the citadel is an effective way through which to play Galaxy Legend. Do not forget the importance of upgrading the research center as well. Unlocking the center is just but the first part. The second part involves upgrading it.

6. Make use of the celestial portal to increase or obtain more commanders for the fleet. You will have to wait until you reach level 20 to unlock the celestial portal.

Other important features on the Galaxy Legend include the following:

i) Galactonite Center
ii) Arena Battles
iii) Prestige
iv) Boss Battles
v) Slots and mine
vi) Single player

Playing Galaxy Legend on your PC

Download Galaxy Legend for PC_1

a) Downloading and installing the Bluestacks Emulator for Android is the first step. Check that the PC has a RAM of not less than 2GB before downloading or installing Bluestacks.

b) Search for Galaxy Legend on Bluestacks App Player within its upper right corner.

c) Select the first item on the search results, and click Install. Afterwards, the downloading and installation of Galaxy Legend on the PC shall be complete.

d) Launch the Galaxy Legend game by using Bluestacks Emulator.

Follow these instructions to download, install, launch and play Galaxy Legend as a strategy game on your PC.

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