Download FRUIT NINJA to your PC

Playing Fruit Ninja is for people who are quick to think and move. Those who enjoy a simple game with very basic moves and tasks, this entertaining game from Halfbrick Studios will surely provide lots of fun. Just like a ninja, players are tasked to make swipes at different fruits to earn points. Fruits will basically fall off in the screen and the only thing required of players is to do a quick swipe to slice them in half.

Quick swipes will increase the chances of progressing into the more difficult levels. The motion of slicing is similar to using a true ninja sword that is able to slice many fruits in half quite easily. As the game progresses, more fruits will fall off or get tossed up faster and several obstacles are thrown in to create distractions. Only three misses are allowed before a game is deemed over.

Features of the FRUIT NINJA game


As its name suggests, a wide array of fruits will be featured in the various stages of the Fruit Ninja game. Fruits of different sizes and color are to be sliced by players through the swiping of the screen to the left, right, top, or bottom. Different fruits also result to varying sound effects when sliced in half. The swiping may be very basic but the visual and auditory experience will surely be very entertaining.

There are also bombs that basically provide a challenge to players of the game. These bombs are tossed along with the wide variety of fruits. Once swiped and sliced, the bombs will explode and end the fruit-slicing adventure. These bombs are basically tossed up in random to provide extra difficulty when slicing the fruits just like a ninja would.
The game also provides various fruit tips and facts to complete the fruit-related and gaming experience in Fruit Ninja. These tips may include some details about the nutrients contained in a single fruit or some interesting facts. This feature is commonly added in between rounds of the fruit-slicing game and adventure.

How to play FRUIT NINJA on your PC

Many people have already enjoyed playing Fruit Ninja using their mobile gadgets like phablets and phones. Not all may know that this simple game can also be enjoyed in one’s personal computer. Through Android emulators like BlueStacks, this particular game may be enjoyed in the standard laptops and PCs.

Getting the BlueStacks application is made simple and easy by its developers. In the BlueStacks website, users will simply download the software and follow basic installation instructions. The process is very easy to do and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Once the BlueStacks software is running, users will then get to see a familiar interface in the form of the Google Play Store. Through this environment, users can then download the official Fruit Ninja game from Halfbrick Studios. With a click of a few buttons, downloading and installation of the actual Fruit Ninja app is also made simple. Users just need to use their registered accounts in the Google Play Store to be able to successfully download and install the Fruit Ninja application. Once done, FRUIT NINJA to your PC can then be enjoyed.

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