Download Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC

Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC

Download Drag Racing Bike Edition for PC

Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC is a racing game. Users are free to choose from 17 different types of bikes. The sporting bikes are not only fast, but also incredibly powerful. The PC game comes in four online modes, thus offering players the chance to challenge each other all over the world. Winning the race offers the triumphant player the opportunity to be top of the leaderboard. Players have the chance to share their best performances with their friends on Twitter or Facebook. Players are free to combine several upgrades together to end up with the fastest and most powerful bike with which to compete.

Features of Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC

1. 17 powerful and fast bikes from which to choose.

2. Players can compete with other players online using the game’s online multiplayer mode.

3. Players are free to ride as fast as they want with the goal of ending up top of the leaderboard.

4. Players can play the game while integrating it with Facebook and Twitter.

5. Players have the option of adding several upgrades to their bikes to transform these into superbikes. The upgrades make the bikes much faster. Make your choice from the many upgrades available on Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC.

6. Tune the bike to make it travel much faster and fly high.

7. Winning races allows you to earn cash that you can use to upgrade the bike or buy new and more powerful bikes. Bet on the races for a chance to win cash prizes. Win all the available races on career mode, and use the cash thus earned to upgrade or buy new bikes.

8. Use The Lobby to learn about your career and other important stats.

9. The Lobby contains vital information regarding garage upgrades. It also has important information regarding each bike’s stats.

10. The garage section offers players the chance to customize their superbikes appropriately.

11. The career mode allows players the opportunity through which to make easy money.

12. Make quick cash through the quick races. Compete in the short circuit or track races. Winning such races is much easier, thus increasing the chances of ending up with quick cash.

13. Compete in the tournament for a chance to win bigger cash prizes. However, only enter the bike for the tournament after upgrading and turning it into a monster of a bike.

Playing Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC

Download Drag Racing Bike Edition for PC_1

a) Downloading and installing the Bluestacks Emulator for Androids is the first step to playing Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC.

b) There is no problem in using Andy Android Emulator instead of Bluestacks.

c) After installation of either Andy or Bluestacks emulator, open the app.

d) Go to the Search Bar and type the Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC.

e) The results should feature the game in the list.

f) Download the game after opening it.

g) Following these steps correctly ensures the proper installation of the Drag Racing: Bike Edition for PC in your system.

Afterwards, you can now play the game with little difficulty.

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