Download Bottle Shoot Game for Pc!

Do you think you are a real cowboy? Do you think you are a good shooter?

If you have a good sight and the ability to react quickly than Bottle Shoot Game will suits you will. Enjoy aiming and shooting on bottles, It is a race against time, try to shoot as many bottles as you can with your gun within a limited period of time and prove that you are a real cowboy. In order to play this game on your computer, you will have to use software such as Blue stacks that will enable you to play any game that you want on your PC without having to use your phone all the time.

Features of Bottle Shoot Game

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You have to aim your gun to the bottles.
Try to shoot as many bottles as you can because when the time ends the game will stop. You have to stay focused and be quick.

Bottle Shoot Game offers you various levels with different missions which will test your ability as a shooter.

Stay focused because the target size will change from a level to another from up to down or right to left. It is a little bit tricky so you have to stay focused all the time.

The most exciting feature is that your targets will start moving from a place to another.

Very simple, entertaining and addictive game, I doubt you will want to stop playing once you start it.

A funny and absolutely wonderful game.

Last but not at least Bottle Shoot Game is for free, you won’t have to pay anything for it. Enjoy.

How to Play Bottle Shoot Game on your PC

Playing Bottle Shoot on your PC is much easier than you think. There are hundreds if not thousands of Android emulators that you can easily find to develop your Android applications, you can eve test them and also run them on your Windows, Linux and Mac PC’s. Using Blue stacks App player we will give all the instructions that you need to play Bottle shoot on your own PC.

ll you have to do is to follow these 6 simple instructions:

First download Blue stacks App Player from this link.

Once you complete the download of the software install it by simply following the on-screen instructions.
Once you finish the installation open the App Player. First you will be asked to add your Google account. Enter the details of your Google account and you will immediately get the access to Google Play Store.

After completing the installation and entering your Google account details go to the Search Tab and type “Bottle Shoot Game” in it.

Once you hit enter, the page of “Bottle Shoot game” will open all you have to do is to click download or install.
Bottle Shoot Game will start downloading immediately as it will also automatically get installed on your PC.

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