Download and play THE ROOM on your PC or laptop

If you love mind-boggling and puzzle related games, then you need to check out THE ROOM. This game is full of beauty, danger, and enigma all experienced in equal measure. The player is taken through a series of familiar space that combines bewitching visuals with conniving puzzles to solve.

Players are presented with a number of boxes and ways in which they can open them. Players are then required to figure out how to open the boxes by figuring out a series of locks after which they will find another box within each box. The room was developed by Fireproof Games in 2012 for the iOS platform but was later improved to cover other platforms like android. The room is now available on Google Play and can be downloaded on PCs and Laptops.

Features of THE ROOM game


The player is given a number of features to help them enjoy the game and progress into more difficult but intriguing stages of the game. The feature of the touchscreen enables players to access functions that imitate real life situations like looking around the room and accessing keys. As a player you are presented with 4 boxes to start your campaign which is usually a story told by letters. The first box is used as a tutorial for game controls. Throughout these notes presumably written by an author who once solved the puzzle, mentions the word “Null.”

As a player, you also have a small armory which has features like keys. But perhaps the most notable feature in the armory is the special lens which enables a player to view the magic of the box and view the secret symbol portrayed by the box. The special lens can easily be equipped at any time of the game. The main aim of the game is to open the box to discover a smaller but more perplexing box within it.

How to play THE ROOM on your PC

Playing The Room game is no longer just for Apple manufactured devices. This adventurous game can also be played on PC and laptop using android emulators like Bluestacks. Most people probably have been wondering if they can enjoy the game on their laptops and PCs. The answer is yes – Bluestacks has made this possible. Below are the steps to download The Room on your PC;

1. Visit the Bluestacks website and download the Bluestacks application. This process need not worry you since Bluestacks developers have made this easy. Follow the basic installation process and install the app in your computer.

2. Allow the Bluestacks application to run.

3. Through the Google Play download interface, you can download the official The Room game from Fireproof.

4. Allow the game to install with just a few clicks. Make sure you have followed the correct installation process and make sure you use your registered Google Play details to download the game. You can now sit comfortably and enjoy your game.

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