Download and play Monument Valley on your PC

Monument valley is a game developed for those who love a bit of mind games and have a passion for solving real life problems. Monument Valley was developed in 2013 by Ustwo. The player is required to lead the game character known as Princess Ida through tangles of visual illusions and difficult objects. Monument Valley was released for the iOS platform in 2014 and was awarded the Apple Design Award. It was generally designed for ipads developed by Apple. But with many improvements, the game can now be found on other programs like android meaning the game can be downloaded on Google Play.

Features of Monument Valley


Monument Valley designers used simple graphics to build the tools found in the game. The player is supposed to lead the game character; Princess Ida through tangles of optical illusions and fairly difficult obstacles. These obstacles are referred to as sacred geometry. Princess Ida goes through this difficult journey yearning to be forgiven for something which the game developers do not specify.

The isometric view of the game allows the player to come into contact with the environment and find hidden pathways as Princess Ida journeys towards the map’s exit. The game has ten levels which operate with different central mechanics. The game actions include moving weapons and pillar animals as well as creation of bridges.
The different and presentable game colors are a major attraction to the player. There are crow people who will try and block Princess Ida’s path as she maneuvers through the difficult path to her heart’s desire to be forgiven. The game is also equipped with a camera style that allows for roaming of the levels to come up with screenshots. The game’s screenshots can be manipulated differently just like images on Instagram.

How to play Monument Valley on your PC

Most people have probably already enjoyed playing Monument Valley on their Apple manufactured gadgets. However what many people may not have a clue yet is the fact that this great puzzle game can be enjoyed on PCs and laptops. By using Android emulators such as Bluestacks, the game can be downloaded and played on standard laptops and PCs.

Getting the BlueStacks application is as easy as downloading any other application as designed by its developers. Just visit the Bluestacks website and follow basic download instructions offered from the website. If followed keenly, the process should only take a few minutes and you will be ready to download your PC game.

When the Bluestacks application starts running, you will be able to access a Google Play interface. This is just the same thing you see on your android device. Through this interface, you can then download Monument Valley from Ustwo. Go through the normal download and installation process to download and enjoy your game. Remember to use your Google registered account details to download the game and avoid hiccups along the way. Bluestacks makes you enjoy your mobile device game on your PC.

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