Download and play LIMBO on your PC

Do you love hunting games; are you thrilled and perplexed by adventure puzzle soling games? If yes then you need to get your hands on Limbo; a game developed by Play dead. As the developer’s name suggests, Limbo is a game for the brave-hearted since the player is meant to navigate a small boy (who is unnamed by the way) into a series of dangerous environments and traps as he searches for her sister.

The game starts with the boy lying in a forest. The game owners do not give any clues or tutorial as to how the game is played. The style of play here is called “trial and death” since the game is built to make the player fail before finding out exactly what they are supposed to do. You will find yourself leading the boy into some grueling deaths as you start the adventure. But once you learn how to play, the game is exhilarating and always leaves you with that eerie feeling at any stage of the game. It so exciting, you wouldn’t want to stop playing.

Features of Limbo by Play dead


The game was previously designed for Xbox Live arcade and has since found its way into many platforms including Windows’ PC. The player controls the unknown boy through the dark edge of hell. The boy’s actions include running either left or right, jumping, climbing onto short ledges, or going up and down ladders and ropes. He can also push or pull objects. The game developers created the game with dark, grayscale graphics.

The somehow conservative and ambient sounds create an eerie ghosting environment. The dark setting prevents the player from figuring out dangerous environmental and physical hazards like deadly bear traps and giant monsters like spiders that lie in the forest. The player is given traps and puzzle that they can use at later stages of the game. Once a player fails at a given checkpoint, they are given a chance to start at that particular checkpoint.

How to play Limbo on your PC

If you have enjoyed playing your Limbio game on Xbox and feel it’s time to enjoy the game using different devices, or if you are having trouble using your Xbox or PS4, then download and play the game on your laptop or PC. Android emulators like Bluestacks will help you enjoy the game on your laptop or PC.

The Bluestacks application is very simple and easy to use as ensured by its developers. Just visit the Bluestacks website from your laptop or PC, download the app and follow simple and basic installation process.

Let the Bluestacks application run. When the Bluestacks app is running, the Google play download interface will appear. Through this interface, you can then download the official Limbo game from Play dead. Downloading the game from this phase is made simple. Users need to use their official registered Google Play account to download Limbo and enjoy the thriller game.

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